Arnion Martyrs Network is a network where believers who believe they are called by our dear Lord Jesus to be martyrs gather for instruction, interaction and fellowship.

The word “arnion” is a Greek word which means a “godly Lamb”. The aim of this network is to raise a generation of end-time martyrs to prepare the world for the second coming of our Great King Lord Yeshua.

Martyrs are believers who are totally sold out for our dear Adonai Yeshua Hamashiach (Lord Jesus Christ). Serious followers of the Lord Yeshua pay a price, and extreme followers pay the ultimate price – their lives. “When Christ calls a man to come, He bids him to come and die”, so said Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German martyr. Martyrs are believers who exhibit their extreme devotion to the Lord Yeshua by sacrificing everything they have for the Lord.

Are you such a person?